Mon 12/4/17 : Chest With Back : Athletic Power

Equipment: TRX single handle (power pulls), Heavy DBS (Chest press, pullovers, single arm snatch) Med DBS (Piston Row)

Timed Intervals 30 sec on / 15 sec rest = 12 min

2 x rounds each side (1/2 group starts here)

Single arm power pull (right side)  (TRX single handle mode)

Single arm power pull (left side)  (TRX single handle mode)

2 x rounds each  (other 1/2 group starts here)

Bent Over Piston Row x 30 sec,  Rest x 15 sec : (Medium DBS)

Bench Over Push-Up x 30 sec,  Rest x 15 sec

( Switch groups and repeat)

EMOM = 5 min

Bench Press x 6, Pullover x 6 , Rest x ROM : (Heavy DBS)

AMRAP x 5 min 

Single arm snatch  x 6 each , Plyo Push-up x 12, (Heavy DBS)

Recovery: TRX chest stretch, TRX lat stretch


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