Thu 12/7/17 : Shoulders with Chest : Athletic Power

Equipment: Heavy DBS (Chest press, swings, high pulls), Med DBS (shoulder press, chest fly) Light band (front/lat raises) Bench + Mat. 

 10 min cap:  3-4 rounds


Clean and Press x 10 (Heavy DBS)

Heavy swings x max reps (Heavy DB)
Bench Press w/ leg lower x 10 (Heavy DBS)
Plyo Push-ups x max reps
(Super set the 2 moves)

EMOM x 4 = 4 mins
Chest fly x 8 (Med DBS)
Speed Alt shoulder Press x ROM (Med DBS)

EMOM x 4 = 4 mins
High pulls x 8 (Heavy DBS)

Tabata: 20 sec/ 10 sec rest x 4 rounds  = 4 mins
Band speed front raises (Light Band)
Band speed lateral raises (Light band)

Recovery: Straps

Up ’n Over Head, Hands Behind Back/Head, Hamstrings

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