Super Healthy Crock Pot Meals In Minutes

Do you own a healthy crock pot or pressure cooker (also called fast-slow cooker)?

Well you should if you want to be able to throw a bunch of ingredients, flip a switch and then walk away for hours (or minutes) to take care of the rest of your life.  Yes it is true that can make healthy, comfort, hot meals for you and your entire family in one electric pot, in just a few minutes.  Enter the healthy crock pot or pressure cooker miracle.  If you never used one, let this blog motivate you to get one and we will show you the ropes. It is so easy and really hard to mess up as you will not burn anything, you don’t have to be there to time it and everything gets mixed together so exact measurements aren’t needed with the healthy crock pot or pressure cooker.

Building a Healthy Crock Pot Meal

All you have to do is get the whole food ingredients and the sauce/flavor, then dump them all together and add some water. That’s it! But here is how Unite suggests you go about building these crock pot meals and turn them into super foods for fat loss and energy:

  1. Add Water or Broth: 1 cup for stew, 2 cups for soup (bone broth is packed with nutrients)
  2. Add Flavor: Sauces, salsa or spices. Make sure they don’t have much added sugar (less than 5 grams) and contain healthy oils
  3. Add Protein: Fish, chicken, meat, or non-animal options (avocado, beans, tofu, tempeh)
  4. Add Starch: Whole grains (1 cup) or root veggies (2 cups) We recommend: quinoa, wild rice, corn, beans, potatoes, squash
  5. Add Mixed Veggies: Pile in the flavorful veggies like onions, carrots, peppers, zucchini. Go crazy with it!
  6. Add Greens: Always add greens for added nutrients like bok choy, kale, spinach, etc.

Crock Pot
ceramic bowl that sits inside an electric conductor that heats it with electricity on low heat over a long period using the liquid in the container to cook food down into a moist stew or soup. Settings are usually 4, 6  or 8hrs so you throw food in, set it and leave the house, it will turn itself off.

Pressure Cooker or Fast Slow Cooker
same idea but if you forget to do it in the morning this device will use pressure to cook the same meal in fractions of the time from 10-30 minutes.

Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

To get you going we have listed three sets of ingredients to make our favorite healthy crock pot meals!


healthy crock pot meal 1
  • Flavor: Thai curry  (Trader joe’s green curry used)
  • Protein = Fish (salmon used but Tilapia/Mahi great)
  • Starch = Quinoa
  • Mixed Veggies = frozen asian blend used
  • Green = Bok choy


healthy crock pot meal 2
  • Flavor: Salsa (Trader joe’s medium chunky used)
  • Protein = Steak
  • Starch = Corn and Black Beans
  • Mixed Veggies = Onions, Carrots
  • Green = Spinach


healthy crock pot meal 3
  • Flavor: Chicken bone broth
  • Protein = Chicken
  • Starch = Sweet Potatoes & Chick Peas
  • Mixed Veggies = Onions, Carrots, Celery
  • Green = Kale