Bro’s Unite: Workout & Beer Tasting

Unite is Celebrating Dudes, Mates, Bro’s by Making it a “Bro-vember to Remember”

The ladies got their Unite in Pink workout event with female centric exercises, poppy beats and gift bags, so it’s only fair that the men get their Bro’s Unite workout event complete with male centric exercises, hard hitting beats and BEER TASTING.

This only happens once a year and you don’t want to miss the chance to pump iron with the boys followed by a full tasting menu of local sourced beers. Philly has so many local breweries now that there must be some you haven’t tried yet. We will supply some food as well so you don’t get light headed. We plan to workout and then just chill at the studio in our sweaty gear shooting the shit. No need for getting cleaned up.

Best part it’s free as a Unite social event to bring together our troop of guys in support of having more good male fitness friends. Morning, midday and evening workout guys “UNITING” for the first time, get it?

When: Sat Nov 7th 12:30-2:30PM

Where: Unite Philly East

Who: Men Only, Invite Only

Cost: FREE

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*Please Don’t No Show*

If you didn’t receive an invite but are interested in attending Bro’s Unite, regardless of whether you are a Unite member or new to us, you can request entry into the boys club by emailing