Summer Lean Out – Weight Loss Plan & Package

lean out

  • 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program

  • Maximize Fat Burning

  • Keep Lean Muscle & Strength

  • Super Simple, Easy To Follow Meal Plan

Unite’s clientele have used this nutrition plan each Spring to slim down that last 5-10 pounds quickly before Summer stats getting in the way. It is proven and so simple, without the need for counting macros, knowing details about food and cooking.

Results You Will Get:

  • Enhanced digestion
  • Increased energy
  • Better performance in the gym
  • Cleanse your body without fasting

How Does the Program Work?

You will be making and eating 2 shakes, 1 meal plus snacks and natural supplements every day. These shakes can be blended at home or created on the go, just by shaking and enjoying with a light snack on the side. For either lunch or dinner you will enjoy a balanced, filling and tasty meal. And let’s not forget about the delicious snacks you will be having in between. You will be supplementing your diet with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) to help maintain muscle while your body burns fat and reduce muscle soreness.  BCAA’s are the nutrients that will ensure you keep your metabolism pumping.

Note: This program is designed to be a weight loss and fat loss program. Once complete this period you can return to an increased caloric plan and we will show you the exact way to do that. We want you to succeed, see major changes in your body and keep those changes.

More plan details:

  • Men and women have separate plans to address different caloric needs.
  • Caffeine is allowed and can be even useful in this plan, however no milk/added sugar (replace with stevia or cinnamon).
  • Alcohol is not part of this 28 Day Plan – it’s high in sugar and calories, so if you choose to drink, your results may suffer.
  • Dining out can occur, but should be limited and you need to strictly adhere to the guidelines.
  • Shakes should not be ordered from restaurants, unless you are watching exactly what they put in it. 

Sample Day:

Breakfast: Unite Meal Replacement Shake – Banana Berry Blast

Snack: Dark chocolate, almond and berries

Lunch: Unite Meal Replacement Shake – Chocolate Peanut Butter

Pre & Post Workout: BCAA Supplements

Dinner: Salmon, Sweet Potato and Broccoli

Bedtime Snack:  Greek Yogurt or Protein Pudding

The Shakes: 

These are super simple meal replacement shakes that are a balance of protein, carbs and fats. They can be blended like a smoothie or shaken with a piece of fruit on the side when on the go. We offer lots of varieties to suit your preferences, allergies and tastes.


The Meals:

Create filling, colorful, delicious meals that make you feel satisfied and energized.

These are portioned and balanced for you.


The Snacks:

Sweet and salty cravings? We’ve got you covered…

  • Chocolate
  • Yogurt
  • Nuts
  • etc.


What You Get:

To create these meals and shakes, we will provide you with a comprehensive grocery list, including specific brand and product names of our nutritionist-approved foods and protein powders. This way you don’t have to worry about hidden food additives or misleading labels! It’s gonna take big effort from you and us to get you through 30 days, but the results will be worth it!  Here is the total value:

  • Kickoff Seminar
  • Complete Menu Plan
  • BCAA Supplement
  • Shaker Bottle
  • 30 Days of Group Coaching Support
  • Significant Fat Loss (PRICELESS)

The Supplements:

BCAA’s [Branched Chain Amino Acids]We will provide you with the 500 grams container needed for this challenge. We’ve done our research and have found that BCAA’s are both safe and effective for both men and women. What exactly are BCAA’s? Food protein is made up of 21 different amino acids. BCAA’s are a combination of the 3 most important your body needs when cutting calories. The risk when dieting is losing muscle (which results in a slower metabolism). Supplementing with BCAA’s will ensure you maintain the muscle so the fat you lose is lost permanently.

ProteinTo maintain protein intake you need to ensure optimal protein intake. We will be offering options to choose from so you can create the best shakes and smoothies for you. Since each person has different preferences, we will help you make the best decisions when choosing your protein purchase.

Get Prepared At The Seminar: Sat Apr 21st 1PM @ Philly East

Interested in maintaining your training and muscle mass while still reducing body fat?

Find out exactly what you’ll need to do to be successful (and what you should NEVER do if you really want to reach your goals). Meet your nutritionist and others enrolling in the plan. The entire program will be outlined and all your questions will be answered and the results are in the details. Learn how to customize for your schedule, activity levels and goals. Get any questions and concerns answered so you can begin your program confident knowing what the results will be.

Pick up your BCAAs at the seminar.

Must Enroll By Friday April 20th