Gavin’s Meditation Lifestyle Workshop

  • Do you feel like a slave to your emotions, which gets you in trouble?

  • Are you stuck in poor habits: over-eating, over-sleeping, over-anything?

  • What if you could feel at peace with yourself, listen deeper, quell over-reactions, and be who you want to be more often?

In Gavin’s workshop, we will not be simply sitting on a cushion and trying not to think. That is not what meditation is all about. It’s about training your mind through repetition in mindfulness and re-directing thoughts towards positive goals.

Sounds like a little bit like fitness!

Meditation principles and practice, specifically Buddhist based, have a profound impact on my life. Since training for several years at the Philadelphia Shambhala Center and their rural retreat centers, I am more peaceful, confident, compassionate and truly happier. My business has never been more successful, my relationships are healthier and I have not been sick in years!

My inclination is always to share such learnings, but I resisted as I continued to train and honestly felt a little insecure about how to incorporate this onto my Unite community. Now I am ready to share my experience and lessons in a kickoff workshop. The potential for positive life changes is too great to not.

– Unite Founder Gavin McKay

Meditation has made it into the mainstream, but there are so many misconceptions about it. Meditation isn’t a blissful escape, zoning out or disconnecting into non-thought.  It is actually waking up and paying closer attention, both to your own internal stories/biases and the immense details of the physical and emotional worlds around us. There is so much going on, especially in our current technology society, that under daily and long term stresses we tend to block much of it out and disconnect.  We then repeat the same old cruddy stories again and again, often self doubt and negativity, to justify the pain we experience or pleasure we treat ourselves too. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a simpler, more direct way to deal with the world by learning to let our ego go a bit and trusting ourselves to do the right thing.

In this 1.5 hour introductory workshop, Gavin’s aim is to inspire your curiosity to dig deeper into the meditator’s ancient approach to happiness, establish a meditation practice and start to sense how this can enhance your character and daily life.

  • Understand How Meditation Could Help You Achieve Your Goals

  • Learn Gavin’s Simple Daily Primer Meditation Technique

  • Learn The Principles Behind The “Meditative Lifestyle”

WHEN: Sat Nov 21st 1pm

WHERE: Unite Philly East (12th & Sansom St Phila)


RESERVE: Space is limited to only 25 people, so reserve
*no shows will be charged $10 fee, so if you need to cancel please do so early to allow others to attend.