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Unite’s Move From Decathlon to Run4UrLife Cemetery Fun Run


Many of Unite’s members and past Decathletes have been asking about our Decathlon event:10 challenges in a 10k trail run. We are so proud of the Decathlon and all those who took part in it: a top-level challenge addressing both strength and cardio conditioning. We loved the Decathlon, our super challenging strength and trail running combo, but we’ve decided to put it on hold and focus on both our fitness studio and our love for the Philadelphia community. With that in mind, we came up with a challenge that will get your heart racing in a different way.

Last year we helped create another unique and terrifying race, #Run4UrLife, a exciting, fun, spooky 3K run through West Laurel Hill Cemetery.  West Laurel Hill’s unique hilly terrain would be fun for any runner, but at dusk with creatures of all kinds are lurking around every crypt and corner? Well, then it’s not only a sporting event it’s a feat of fright and fun.  Unite loves this event because it is inclusive for both the seasoned runners, family teams, novices, and pros.  Trust us, you’ve never really ran until you’ve ran from someone in a Jason mask in a cemetary. Don’t want to run from Jason? Then be part of our all-star spooky  volunteer Scarecrew (see recruiting for Scarecrew below). Unite is all about working together to achieve fitness goals, so we wanted to create a more inclusive race that is a friendly, athletic event open to all members of the community – from athletes and Tough Mudders to children and casual runners who just love Halloween!

Still not convinced?  Here are a few reasons you should come out and Run4UrLife this year on Thursday, October 29th:

As part of Unite’s transition to Run4UrLife, we  are ecstatic that last year’s Decathlon lead sponsor Rothman Institute is joining us as part of the fright fest . Both concepts were so novel and exciting that Rothman was happy to continue our relationship and support MANNA’s’s non-profit work providing nutrition for those suffering chronic diseases all around the Philadelphia area. The Rothman Institute is internationally recognized for excellence in orthopaedic science and technology and will be providing Unite members with special injury prevention tips throughout the year.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, concerns or IDEAS.

And be the first in your family to Click to Register to Run

Run4UrLife is a joint creation of MANNA, West Laurel Hill, Chatterblast Media and Unite Fitness.

Rather Scare Than Get Scared? 

Volunteer for “Scarecrew” for Run4UrLife 2015 Cemetery Fun Run – Oct 29th 

As part of Unite’s commitment to #Run4UrLife, we are heading up the “Scarecrew” volunteers.  Scarecrews are teams of 4-6 volunteers that take on a portion of the Run4UrLife cemetery course to scare runners out of their minds! We are looking for people who love to dress up and try to freak people out with scary sounds, costumes, movements, surprises, etc.  I don’t know what’s more fun: running not knowing what is coming at you or being the ghoul that makes people jump back!

We need team leaders and team members so if you want to lead creative please indicate.

Click To Volunteer for Scarecrew