Unite Fitness 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge

  • Fall pants not fitting?

  • Can’t seem to buckle down and change your eating habits?

  • Does any of this apply? Then join us for:

A terrific way to kickstart weight loss, identify potential food sensitivities/allergies, and put an end to your summer fro-yo addiction, our 7-day clean eating challenge is just what you need if you’re looking to hit the reset button.
During this 7 day challenge, you’ll be focusing on foods and drinks that will help you regain balance, eliminate the things that are placing stress on your digestive system, and therefore your whole body. This is nothing like the “Master Cleanse” or similar programs that require you to fast or rely on powders, juices or pills. You will be eating real food that you will enjoy. What ever your dietary preference (vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.) all are welcome to join!
A few rules for these 7 days to give you an idea of what your getting into:
  • Zero gluten
  • Zero dairy
  • All meat and fish must be organic or wild
  • Zero sugar (even natural sweeteners)
  • Only eating unprocessed foods (there will be a few minor exceptions)
  • Zero Dessert (this could be a challenge in and of itself)
Program begins Monday, November 16th 
The 7-Day Unite Clean Eating Challenge Includes the Following:
· Specific guidelines on exactly what to eat with options to follow every day of the challenge
· Recipes for all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
· A shopping guide/list (veg and vegan friendly as well as meat)
· Helpful tips to get you through the week with ease
· Unlimited e-mail support from us during your week, so that all your questions and concerns can be addressed
· To keep the momentum going, and to get you on a path toward a lifetime of good health, we are offering 15% off all nutrition services (excluding eating assessments) for all who participate in this challenge.
Total Cost for the 7-day Unite Clean Eating Challenge: $49

You will receive your getting started guide on Friday November 13, giving you enough time to shop and plan before the challenge starts on Monday the 16th.