5 Keys For Looking Amazing On Your Wedding Day- Juliet Burgh

Most women have thought about what they want to look like on their wedding day. At least a little bit. Do you want to be toned and tan? Blonde or brunette? Will you be wearing a mermaid dress with sparkly blue heels, or a flowing chiffon dress with no shoes – perfect for your beach wedding?

Whether you’re picturing yourself to look like Princess Kate or Beyonce, let me tell you this: those women did not wake up looking like that. They did not turn into beautiful brides overnight. It took hard work, dedication and healthy habits over time.

If you’re headed to the alter and want to be as beautiful as can be, check out these five keys for looking amazing on your wedding day. 


Cleaning up your diet is essential for looking your best on your big day. Not only will your stomach be flat and your arms wedding-dress ready, but the right diet will make your skin glow and give you the energy you need, so you won’t be a bridezilla!

So where do you even start? There are so many nutrition plans out there. Well, for starters, do not do a fad diet or a fast. These can be detrimental to your health long-term and can leave your brain feeling foggy, during a time when you need to be on your game for the biggest day of your life. These plans are not sustainable and often times can make you balloon in weight once you’ve stopped. Consult with a nutritionist or a health coach to devise a plan that is right for you.  They will take into account your dietary preferences, lifestyle and your exact goals. Just remember: having a coach will always bring you more success.


Back fat, a bloated stomach and jiggly arms are a bride’s worst nightmare. These are the important areas you’re concerned about showing off in your form-fitting dress. Eating well is the first step to firming everything up, but exercise is a nutrition plan’s bestie. Without each other, one doesn’t work as efficiently and effectively.

Go for a mix of cardio, strength training and yoga stretch to balance out all areas of your fitness. Ideally you should strength train a minimum of three times per week to work on building lean muscle, which will increase your metabolism and help you burn more body fat.

Getting at least three to six days of working out for an hour at a time is optimal to see changes in your body.  I recommend hiring a personal trainer or attending a fitness studio. This is the best way to get and stay motivated. You already have enough on your plate to plan and think about, so let the experts tell you what to do. Creating a structure and an appointment time will hold you accountable, so all you have to do is show up and the coach will do the rest. Oh — and the most important thing about your workout routine is to make sure you’re having fun. There are so many workouts out there and a lot of them work; so don’t torture yourself with something you don’t enjoy.

#3-DE stressing

You’re eating well with food you enjoy and you’re having tons of fun with your workout routine. You’re well on your way to being less stressed. If you’ve begun planning for this momentous occasion, then you already know every little thing that goes into planning your wedding. From the dress, to the caterer to the seating arrangements, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Being overly stressed is a recipe for looking crappy on your big day. Stress can cause break outs, wrinkles, poor digestion, lack of sleep, increased sugar cravings and much more.

So how do you combat this inevitable challenge you will be up against? Remember to take the time for self love and self care. Exercising and eating well are only a couple components to being a healthy and sane individual. Making time for things like meditation, talking to a coach or therapist, getting acupuncture and massage are all great things to try and incorporate regularly. Even simple practices like writing out lists to get things out of your head and onto paper can put things into perspective for you and help to clear some mental space.


Many of your bodily functions rely on good, quality sleep to work in your favor. The saying “get your beauty rest” is very true. When you sleep your body is able to rejuvenate, repair muscles, burn excess body fat and you wake up feeling reenergized, allowing you to tackle anything that comes your way. Some great tools for better sleep is to purchase a sleep mask or use blackout curtains. Sleeping in the dark will allow you to sleep deeper and more uninterrupted, as it is the body’s natural tendency to wake up when it senses light. Try to turn off all screens at least 30 minutes before bed and create a calming pre-bedtime ritual. Maybe light some incense or a candle, take a bath or read something light and fun.

#5-Prepare in advance

Nothing is worse then when a bride comes to me in desperation right before her wedding. Give yourself plenty of time to plan how you want to look, feel and be when the magical day comes. I recommend at least six months out — if not longer — to change your eating habits and begin a workout regiment. It also depends on what your goals are and how much work needs to be done. Consult a personal trainer and nutritionist right away, at least to get a timeline going. Think of your body in the same way you’re thinking about everything else for the wedding. You wouldn’t dare wait until the last minute to book a venue or a DJ, so plan the same way with your body.

 If you’re interested in a wedding fitness program – and this includes brides and grooms –

check out your options.