Podcast: Guided Meditation “A Healing Breath”

Gavin’s Podcast Listening Summary

  • Wonderful guided meditation about using your breath to heal you from one of my favorite teachers with a podcast.
  • Tara a senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington D.C. She also has one of the most soothing voices and full of real life examples.
  • Tara Brach also has many great teachings in her podcast for spiritual growth based on Buddhist principles.
  • Tara Brach is a leading western teacher of Buddhist (mindfulness) meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening. She is author of Radical Acceptance (2003), and True Refuge (2013)

Check out this cool episode: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tara-brach/id265264862?mt=2&i=355880863