Podcast: Superbugs, Gut Microbiome & Antibiotics

Gavin’s Podcast Listening Summary

  • Currently we are carpet bombing our systems with wide spectrum antibiotics to treat one specific bug killing off all the others many of which are necessary and beneficial to our health.
  • Doctors often still prescribe antibiotics for viruses, which don’t work because viruses are as different from bacteria as a car is from broccoli.
  • Western medicine is destroying our gut microbiome and the diversity of bugs that have been past down from generation to generation, which often have good reasons for being there.
  • We need to reduce the prescription of antibiotics and ask the government to support development of narrow targeted antibiotics that treat just the bacteria causing problems.
  • Increase the amounts and types of healthy bacteria foods such as fermented foods. Most probiotics are just a few strains when our body needs many, many different kinds.

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