Podcast: The Danger of Diet Cults & “One Way of Eating”‘


Gavin’s Podcast Listening Summary

  • Science does not show there is one way of eating that is best for all humans.
  • There are lots of concepts, storytelling and beliefs in these diet fads , very little is based on science because nutrition science and study is so young.
  • When people jump on a diet cult, it is really tied more to feelings of identity “image I want to have”, morality “what I think is right” and community “I want to be in the club”.
  • Our bodies are amazing at adapting and depending on where someone lives, what food sources are available, etc. our bodies have adapted over thousands of years to various types of diets with success.
  • Not only will your body try to adapt (not always the way you want it to be) the actual bacteria in your gut will adapt to any drastic changes in just a few weeks but drastic changes can be very uncomfortable.
  • For example the recent Paleo diet fad is based on stories of primal man’s diet having no grains or dairy and it is simply not true based on anthropology, they ate whatever they could, but it’s a sellable story. Some people are good with grain and dairy and some aren’t, we don’t need diet cults telling us there is only 1 way to eat.
  • If our current civilization went off grains and dairy, we would not be able to feed the planet, but cult diet promoters don’t address such practical matters because they are so focused on the “sacred belief”.

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