Scary Dairy… for some

A great way to always stay in tune with the cutting edge science in health is to educate yourself. Coach Gavin does this by listening to podcasts while he travels to and from his studios. Check out the latest podcast review below, Scary Dairy.

Dairy Come With Some Baggage

The last few years have shown that it is not essential to our diets and that in fact there can be lots of potential allergy and health issues. Each person reacts differently so we cannot say that everyone must eliminate it, but we should determine if it is okay for our system. I personally have found no issues with my own dairy consumption,  but I do limit it and try to always get organic. For breakfast I often have Organic 2% Greek yogurt for the probiotics and high protein and lets not forget that I love Ice cream as my favorite desert treat. I try to use coconut milk ice cream about 50% of the time, which tastes amazing.

Here are my quick summary points, but a good podcast presenter and worth the listen to shake up your thoughts on dairy: 

  • 75% of people no longer produce the lactase enzyme after 3 yrs old,  because it is meant for babies
  • When people use reduced or no fat dairy it becomes almost an all carb/sugar drink. The fat is better for blood sugar stabilizing.
  • Calcium is not a great reason to drink milk, as there are better sources like dark leafy greens.
  • Cheese has been found to have trace amounts of opiates,  so can be addictive. Of course!
  • Pasteurized and homogenized changes and degrades to milk have caused it to be the #1 allergen. It is hard to digest and is correlated to many psychological, physical diseases and issues  like acne and arthritis. Farms that are  giving cows growth hormones, feeding them corn and soy, makes it even lower grade.
  • 50% less reactions were observed when using raw milk or “unpasteurized” is a better alternative. You can also eliminate dairy  all together by using  almond milk, coconut, fax, hemp etc.
  • Everyone needs to check to see if it is impacting them adversely –  A 1 month elimination test is the best way to do this.

For more info check out this cool podcast episode: