Why I Created Unite

Founder Gavin McKay (IG @gavinunite)

unite fitness
Often we don’t know the why of the products and services we use, because we are so focused on the what: Features, cost, etc. Yet the why is what touches our heart and inspires new beliefs and endless motivation. I was inspired to share a little more about: Why I created Unite…

Because we are pack animals.

My fitness life started in the filthy high school basement gym, where my football team trained together all year long, 3-4 days per week. I didn’t love the place, but I loved being with my teammates and I loved what I was able to achieve with them. What I took away from this experience is that humans perform so much better together and achieve things they could never do on their own. There is immense and innate power in teams, whether 2 or 20 and that is what drives us in our workouts. If we’re being honest, 99% of us would not put ourselves through a complete Unite workout.  It is the power of our pack that motivates and allows us to achieve so much.

As an adult I ended up in shiny, but soulless gyms where everyone wore headphones, rarely talked to one another and floundered through unplanned workouts feeling nothing. Fitness became work and all I could do was sustain, not improve, because my heart wasn’t in it.

I became conscious much later that it’s not just about the workout. It’s about the bonds created with our coaches and teammates, the faces that bring joy to our day, the voices that excite us, the words that focus us, and the touch that warms our hearts. We need and crave the feeling of personal connection so much that without it, we experience sickness more often and much less happiness. Unite is my attempt to create more positivity in the world and to capture the magic I felt during my days of team sports training.

Our whole body and mind need effective and safe fitness.

Over a decade ago and to a large extent still today, the fitness world was splintered into cardio, strength training, dance and yoga. Obsessive runners and bodybuilders push their bodies till they are injured. Indoor cyclists live and die by the sweat pouring and the calories burned. Yogis want to add skills and go deeper into their practice. All of these are great modalities, but only focusing on one and neglecting other parts of fitness misses the mark on caring for all of yourself.

As fitness is continued to be studied in depth, we know that ignoring one element of training can destroy performance and lead to injury. Having a balanced approach, which includes cardio, strength, mobility, recovery and nutrition is how longevity is achieved. It is a no brainer in terms of the science, yet so many of us continue to choose the things we are naturally good at or comfortable and familiar with.Anyone can create a hard, sweaty workout. But what’s most important is a smart, WholeFitness PROGRAM, that includes everything our body and mind need for optimal performance. We need someone to plan it all out to be effective and efficient with our time. We need someone to make us do the things we won’t do on our own like sprinting, stretching and stability exercises. Out of this need, Unite and our Heart, Muscle, Mind philosophy was born.