Guys, D.I.E.T. Is Not A Four Letter Word

If you’re like me, dieting is the last thing you think you need to achieve your goals. Getting bigger, stronger, heavier – hell yes. But when it comes to cutting, toning and getting getting ripped, it’s all just another way to say losing body fat, which will result in weight loss.
Forget any claims you’ve heard about losing fat without losing weight. It’s all bullshit, or fancy pharmaceutical cocktails. So if you ever want to see your abs, get a six pack or insanely ripped then you need to get over the fact that you will lose weight.
First, you’ll need to understand that weight loss can come from body fat, water and/or muscle loss. When done right, weight loss will be a split between fat and water. Why should you care about the water loss? Water is stored in the body within cells (intracellular) and between the cells (extracellular). Intracellular water is attached to things like glycogen, which you store less of while dieting. Intracellular and extracellular water is, in healthy individuals, always in balance. Dieting flushes out a tremendous amount of water. The good news to take home from all this is that you will regain a portion of the weight back when returning to a maintenance caloric intake. Lose the fat, keep the muscle and retain most of your weight too!

As a guy, I know the mental hurdles you’re still struggling with, here are the top three:

1. You’ll look scrawny and weak.
Reminds me of when I hear girls talking about how lifting weights makes them big and they’ll look like a man. Not true. Both men and women look better when they are stronger and have more muscle. Not having muscle makes you look soft, scrawny and weak. Hiding your muscle under layers of fat makes you look out of shape. You’ve worked hard at building muscle, now shed the fat to see what’s there.
2. You’ll lose strength.
You’ll lose strength only if you stop lifting heavy weights. In fact, you may even get more reps out of body weight exercises, like pull-ups or even get your first handstand pushup. Continue to give max effort on all movements and be prepared to add more resistance to exercises that begin to feel easier due to your weight loss.
3. You’ll lose muscle.

Follow some simple rules and you won’t. Never skip your most important meal of the day (post workout, bet you didn’t know that), get enough calories (at least 1200 / day, but most likely way more than that), get enough protein, balance your carbs and fats to support your energy needs, and know when and what to supplement.

About the world of supplements

there’s a lot of crap out there so don’t buy just anything and think they’ll work. Even the things that can work safely may not be effective for you. Stick with the basics or get yourself a blood test to know exactly what you need. I keep up to date with the latest supplement research through Philadelphia local Dr. Charlie Seltzer (, weight loss guru and bodybuilder extraordinaire.  He checked my nutritional status via a simple blood test, then put me on a regimen of supplements, so I personally know that one of the most effective supplements for guys on a calorie restricted diet are branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) or essential amino acids (EA’s). These are combinations of the most important amino acids found in complete food protein that can help to support a reduced protein intake – so you can keep your muscle while losing fat.
So now that you’re informed and ready to shed that winter layer off to unleash your 6 pack, I challenge you to complete our 30 Day Lean Out Program. Enroll by May 1st, Program Starts May 4th