Running Injury? How To Fix Your Running Form

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At unite, we put a huge emphasis on proper form and safe movement. Solid form and movement is the lynchpin for long term gains and healthy progression. In the strength room, we all know to pay attention to each move, and we are precise with each exercise. But, how often do we think about running form while on a treadmill in the cardio room?

If you have struggled with running or been injured in the past, we are here to let you know you can see significant improvements with some small changes. Through simple technique drills and some mindfulness, you can be on your way to a new and improved running form.

Unite Fitness’s own resident running experts Coach Rich and Cherie are hosting a running form workshop Sun March 19th @ Unite Rittenhouse to go through these tests, drills and techniques in person.  Rich has also created a step by step video course on how to improve your running form which he is offering to all Unite members for free!

Below are four reasons you should consider working on your running form:

1. Reduce Injuries

Studies conducted by Runners World Magazine have shown that an average of 65% of runners experiences a running-related injury each year!  I cringe when I hear people speak of running injuries or when they insist they are “not meant to run.” If you have a negative relationship with running because of injury, don’t  give up! Train yourself to better running form and reap all the benefits of running!

2. Become More Efficient

Learning how to move efficiently will reduce fatigue from running. Many runners will have “energy leaks” due to poor form. When you move with proper running form, you can lessen the amount of energy you expend with each step. If running is one of those activities you avoid because it never seems to get easier, then improved running form can lead to major running gains.

3. Get Faster

Do you want to set a new PR for a goal race or have been stuck at a certain pace per mile over time? If these are issues, you have faced in the past improving your running form could be the nudge you need to take your performance to the next level? Reducing your risk of injury and increasing your efficiency will open up opportunities for you to train stronger than in the past!

4. Improve Your Strength Performance

Personally, before I cleaned up my running form, I would have to do my strength work before my cardio. I would finish my run as stiff as a board! My knees and lower back would take several minutes to loosen up, and I would hate the beginning of my workout. If you come out of the cardio room, feeling tight chances are you have some form issues on the treadmill.

Things you will learn about your running form by enrolling in this workshop:

  • How to utilize your strength while running
  • How to engage your core
  • How to move with speed
  • Efficient arm carry
  • The ideal running cadence

You can take the concepts of the running course and put them to work immediately.  If you are looking to hit a goal race this spring/summer, or you want to improve your overall fitness, your running form could help you reach your goals.



Your Instructor

Rich Ryan

I’m Rich Ryan, I’m a competitive runner, and I have been injured.The blessing that is a running injury is that I have had plenty of time on the sidelines to research and understand why I get hurt.I was fed up with missing my goals due to injury, so I did something about it. I figured out how to become a bulletproof runner. The journey has not been without setbacks, but I persevere and have created a system that builds strong runners who crush milestones!I want to share my knowledge with novice and experienced runners so they can avoid the setbacks that have left me devastated in the past.