Asher Saperstein

Asher Saperstein has been active his entire life. From dancing at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School for 12 years and performing with the Company, to ice skating from the age of 2 1/2, playing hockey from the age of 4, running cross country, playing varsity tennis, water skiing/wakeboarding, snow skiing, and many other activities, it is not difficult for Asher to stay busy.  Fitness as a lifestyle started for Asher in his senior year at Marietta College when he changed his way of eating and workout routine.  His lifestyle became his passion when he helped his friend lose 35 pounds and he has continued to enjoy helping others reach their fitness potential ever since.  Spending time at the gym or hitting up a yoga/spin class is a natural part of Asher’s day.  Asher started coming to Unite Fitness in May of 2015 and was inspired to them become a coach.

  • Certified Personal Trainer
Philly East