Get To Know NEW Coach Valerie – Fitness Mt Laurel

Coach Valerie came to Unite Fitness Mt Laurel after working at other Mt Laurel gyms and deciding that our fitness studio fit her philosophy and would challenge her to be the best personal trainer she could be. And our group training is the best in the New Jersey area!

We interviewed Valerie to get to know her more intimately as the newest part of our South Jersey fitness community.

What I Love About Coaching

I love watching other people in pain… lol just kidding. I love being around people who are all trying to improve their health together.

Where I Grew Up

My “growing up” time was split between the pine barrens of south jersey and the suburbs of Pennsylvania. Complete opposites.

What I Do For Fun

For me, fun isn’t about what I do but who I surround myself with so any time hanging with good friends and family.

What Makes My Teaching Style Unique

I take people’s work ethics very seriously so I try to push them during the times when they are most likely to give up.

Why I Want To Train At Unite

I fully believe in the heart.muscle.mind philosophy Unite offers people. No area of fitness should be neglected.