Unite’s Heart Rate Monitor Workout App

Push Harder & Stay Motivated with MyZone

“I am so happy that we finally found a heart rate monitor system that truly motivates our clients and enhances our social, healthy culture without being distracting or overly competitive”
– Gavin McKay, Unite Founder
MyZone is a heart rate monitor based system Unite offers to members for tracking workout effort, training and progress towards goals. MyZone uses a HR belt connected to a smart phone app to provide workout data, studio challenges and social connections to enhance your workout experience.

“Knowing that I’m wearing the belt and trying to hit the goal points per workout

[200 MEPs] helped to inspire that extra effort when it gets tough.”
– Brittany

The Best HR Tracking Belt

Unlike other activity trackers that only count steps and estimate calories burned, the MYZONE belt accurately monitors your  heart rate to determine “EFFORT” exerted during exercise. MYZONE features a unique point system that levels the playing field no matter how fit you are, and rewards effort, not fitness. This belt is special too, in that it stores 16 hours of data so you don’t have to workout with your phone if you don’t want to. It also works with all major equipment and other fitness apps.

The MYZONE App Functionality

The Free MYZONE App included with your Unite membership makes it easy to stream your activity live, upload your data, and review results from your phone.

The MyZone App allows you to:
  • MONITOR your Activity Calendar
  • VIEW Workout Graphs & Stats
  • PARTICIPATE in Challenges
  • UPLOAD Before & After Photos
  • TRACK Body Measurements
  • & SET Goals!

“Seeing other people’s workouts motivates me to get my weekly workouts in and the studio challenges definitely gave me an extra push to up my training days.”
– Antonio

At Unite, MyZone has proven to..
  • Motivate MORE EFFORT during workouts 
  • Inspire MORE TRAINING with tracking and studio challenges
  • Be a FUN & SOCIAL element to training

Unite Offers An Un-Beatable Price

Unite is a system partner with MyZone and can offer members a huge discount off their retail price. We compared MyZone to the top premium belt and wrist systems on the market and it was the best for accuracy, tracking, challenges and overall value.

$150 – MyZone MZ3 (retail)
$89 – MyZone MZ3 Via Unite

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