Meet Coach Ashley – She Loves Pizza & Amazing Playlists

Please welcome our newest coach!

BS – Finance, International Business; University of Minnesota

Ashley is an all-around athlete and has grown up playing basketball, volleyball, softball, running in track and recently picked up hockey.  Shortly after her consulting career brought her from Minnesota to Philadelphia three years ago, Ashley became a client at Unite, where she fell in love with the philosophy. As her travel schedule reduced in her career, she decided to pursue her passion in fitness by becoming a coach.  She gets her inspiration for creative, fun workouts from the variety of classes she has taken throughout the years in yoga, cardio kickboxing, boxing, spinning, crossfit and boot camps.  When you attend her classes, be prepared for a creative and challenging workout, matched with an amazing playlist.

What inspires you to coach people?

After attending such a variety of classes, I’ve developed a great appreciation for the fun, energetic coaches that push me to and past my self-perceived limits. I want to return the favor and hope to inspire others in the process.

What got you into fitness?

I have always been into fitness, starting with basketball, volleyball, track and flag football (yes, you read that right, but it was only for one year) in middle school and throughout high school.  I think it is important to note that although I went to college in Minnesota, I do not have a hockey background (I get this question a lot).  I grew up in the middle of nowhere South Dakota, so we only had 3 sports available and hockey was not one of them.  As I got older, my interest in fitness grew to include classes, so I started taking a variety of classes in Minneapolis and in the cities/countries I traveled to for work.  The most memorable was my first time taking a crossfit class in Argentina… As you can imagine, crossfit terms are not ones you typically learn in Spanish at school or on the job, so it was interesting to say the least.  Over the past few years, my interest in fitness has really grown to be a true passion.  Over the years, I noticed a physical, mental and emotional change as I started embracing fitness as a lifestyle, not just as a hobby.

What’s your favorite healthy food?

Recently, I have been obsessed with my Vitamix, so you are almost always guaranteed to find me with a green smoothie concoction. My current favorite is with kale, spinach, avocado, banana, cucumber and unsweetened coconut milk.  Also, if it is an after-work out shake or maybe even just a ‘sweet’ snack, I make a mixture of unsweetened chocolate almond milk, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, kefir, chia seeds, vanilla protein powder and oats.  Delicious.

What’s your go to cheat meal?

Definitely pizza and beer.  I am a huge craft beer fan, and tend to crave pizza quite frequently.

What vibe can people expect from your classes?

A fun, energetic environment to prepare you for a creative, but challenging workout paired with an amazing playlist. Also, expect some occasional themed playlists thrown in there – I’ve seen you guys jamming out to those 80’s and 90’s songs when they come on, so don’t you worry, they’ll be coming! Recommendations are also welcome!

Mantra or quote that resonates with you?

“You will always regret the things you don’t do more than the things you do.” I’m not sure who said this originally, but I will always remember my best friend telling me this when I was deciding whether or not I should jump off the highest gorge swing in the world at that time (Orbi Gorge in South Africa).  For the record, I did it, so I will be expecting everyone to push it all the way through my workouts, because you will regret it more if you don’t than if you do!