Unite Fitness

Justin’s 31lb Body & Lifestyle Transformation

Weight Dropped: 31 lb

Body Fat Burned: 7%

Waist Cut: 4″

Unite Fitness has changed my life.  Period.   Playing football in college, I had regimented workouts, I knew when I needed to be in the gym, when to do cardio, what the coaches wanted us to eat, etc.  But in my late 20’s and mid 30’s I lost the discipline and direction to stay motivated in the gym without the team environment.  Thanks to Unite Fitness, I feel like I’m in college again, working out hard with coaches that genuinely care about my progression, form and results.  And it’s no longer about ‘how much can you bench’ – the Unite program has me feeling stronger while reducing my risk of injury as I’m creeping toward 40.

All that said,  I didn’t see the AMAZING weight loss results until I took my nutrition seriously.  I always thought, as long as I’m working out, I can eat whatever I want…..   The Unite Eating Challenges, specifically the winter 7 day cleanse, forever changed the way I eat.  I’m looking at labels on everything now, conscious of what I’m putting in my body – and it’s been such a positive change.  I have severely cut down on my sugar and simple carbs and upped my protein and healthy fats.  Little decisions like “do I really need that sugar in my morning coffee” begin to add up and started bringing the scale down.  Unite’s combination of smart workouts and nutrition helped me lose over 30 lbs and I’m back to my late high school/early college weight and feel amazing.