Try The Unite Workout

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The Unite Workout is 55-65 minutes, combining Cardio Intervals (Run, Spin), Strength Training (Weights, Bands, Suspension, Plyo) & Recovery (Yoga Stretch, Foam Roll, Final Rest) so you get everything your mind and body need each workout. Let’s get you started!

Step 1: Purchase Classes
Take advantage of our INTRO TRIAL offer, which is 2 workouts in 10 days, only available to first timers. We know that it can take more than one workout to get comfortable and fully experience how awesome Unite’s method, coaches, and community truly are. You always have the option to buy a single workout.

Step 2: Schedule Your Workout
You can reserve any workout on our schedule page anytime in the next 7 days. NOTE: next to each workout name is the location of that workout, RH = Rittenhouse, PE = Philly East. If you have any questions or difficulty please reach out to us via phone or email.

Step 3: Arrive 15 Minutes Early
On your first visit you must arrive early to allow us to orient you properly and not disrupt the class. We will also chat with you afterwards about the full program details, membership options and answer all your questions.

Intro Trial – 2 Workouts in 10 Days $30
Single Workout $28