Lockdown Restrictions

Following the City’s new restrictions The Armory will be closed for group training from Nov 20 until Jan 1.

Unite's Premiere COVID-Secure Training Space

The Armory

With 14,000+ square feet of open space, the revolutionary era Armory boasts soaring ceilings, a massive open-door entryway and a ventilation system that provides the fresh air flow benefits of being outdoors, while offering a safe, heated space for socially distanced workouts.

*Bring your bike inside or use the paid parking garage next door

50 Minute Classes

The Unite Workout

  • 20 mins Bike to the Beat
  • 25 mins Strength
  • 5 mins Recovery
  • Silent Disco Headsets
  • All daily classes on Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat

50 Minute Classes

Strength HIIT

  • Dumbbells, Benches, Bands & Bodyweight Cardio
    (Indoor bikes coming soon!)
  • Silent Disco Headsets
  • Targeted Daily Muscle Groups
  • Premiere Coaches To Keep You Engaged & Motivated
  • All Daily Classes on Tues, Thurs & Sat

Our Commitment To You

Safety First

  1. 01 Workout Zones: Socially distanced workout areas ~8-12ft apart, 100 sqft each.
  2. 02 Temperature Checks: Temperature taken upon arrival.
  3. 03 Masks: Masks required at all times.
  4. 04 Sanitation Stations: Hand sanitizer, bathroom access and touch free water fill station
  5. 05 Extensive Cleaning: All equipment wiped down after each use.

Enjoy A 2-For-1 Deal To Try It Out

Intro Trial

Purchase the Intro Trial for $28 and receive 2 workouts over 14 days. Download our App and reserve.